Students wear red, protest school name


Alyssa Boos

Students in support of renaming the school district gather in the freshman commons. They stood peacefully, interlocking arms, and wearing red.

Students begin to stand in line holding hands. Senior Sam Meyers stated, “I’m wearing red because I think that our name should be changed. Because I believe that our school and us being named after the KKK, really reflects how our school is inside. I think if our school was changed that would really help and show us, as students, that the district cares.” (Alyssa Boos)
A student in the crowd holds up a shirt with tape over the name Seaman. The writing on that tape says, “I will not honor a Ku Klux member.” (Alyssa Boos)
Two students interlock their hands and wear red shirts. Sophomore Kate Eckert, featured on the left, stated, “I think it was a show of solidarity between the students that still think this is an issue that matters.” (Alyssa Boos)
Students line up to support renaming the school. Senior Hailee Gower said, “I’m wearing red in solidarity with the people of color in our community. I don’t feel that as a white person that I should have a say in what will and will not make up for the racism that our school was founded on, so if this is what the people of color feel will make them feel more welcome then that is what I will do.”(Alyssa Boos)