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Alyssa Boos, Editor-in-Chief

Jumping into her third year on The Clipper staff as Editor-in-Chief, senior Alyssa Boos is looking forward to tackling new controversial stories and important stories. Outside of Clipper, Alyssa is the Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook and Radljost Literary Magazine, and is involved in cheerleading, Writing Club, Model United Nations, and NHS. When she's not scribbling down new ideas or checking up with staffers on their stories, you can find Alyssa taking or editing pictures to post on her Instagram @boos_photography_ . Next year Alyssa hopes to become an exchange student in Germany for a gap year, and then she plans to attend Wichita State University to major in journalism.

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Ariel (senior Ellie Noble) and Flounder (sophomore Anna Sage) gather around Scuttle (senior Bailey Alt) who explains the purpose of a new object Ariel found from the above world; a dinglehopper. The SHS Theater presented The Little Mermaid: the Musical on Mar. 24, Mar. 25, and Mar. 26, 2022. Alt said, “I love that I got to do my last musical with the people I did it with. I was such a place of love and I made friendships with everyone. This show was amazing and I wish I got more time with everyone.”

Musical Preview: The Little Mermaid

Alyssa Boos, Editor-in-Chief
March 24, 2022
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[Photo] Education Over Censorship

Kendal Broughton, Assistant Editor
February 18, 2022

[Photo] Who Will Win Super Bowl LVI?

Tara Spencer, Co-Editor-in-Chief
February 7, 2022
Freshman Anna Becker dribbles a ball at the December 10th game against Emporia. The Lady Vikes are set to matchup with Emporia again on February 25, 2021, at home (Seaman High School).

[Photo] Winter Sports Update

Erin Feldkamp, Graphics Editor
February 12, 2022
2021: As told by photos

2021: As told by photos

Alyssa Boos, Editor-in-Chief
January 11, 2022
As finals approach, waves of stress and dread nest on students shoulders. However, if a student has proved throughout the course of the semester that they were attentive and involved in class, why should they take a final in that class and add more stress to the evermore to-do list that is studying and dreading finals?

[Photo] Are Finals Necessary?

Bethany Druse, Staff Writer
January 5, 2022
As rumors flew around Seaman High at the beginning of the school year, a rumor that the dress code would be changed and more enforced spread like wildfire. Assistant Editor, Kendal Broughton, picks apart the dress code from the SHS student handbook in a striking opinion article from Volume 91, Issue 1, entitled, Rumor Has It...

[Photo] I Want my Pink Shirt Back

Kendal Broughton, Assistant Editor
December 27, 2021
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Alyssa Boos