Holiday Horrors


He sees you when you’re asleep; he knows when you’re awake! Is it really no wonder that both children and adults love the holidays? There may be a darker side to Christmas, showing how evil and twisted the holiday can be.

When it comes to Christmas, the first thing that may come to mind is a jolly old man named Santa Claus. But what about another character? Which may also be known as Krampus.

According to modern history, the Krampus can be seen as a demonic-looking creature: half goat, half human, with shaggy black hair, horns, fangs, and cloven hooves, and is derived from the German word krampen, meaning “claw.” Krampus was thought to have been part of pagan rituals for the winter solstice.

According to legend, he is the son of Hel, the Norse god of the underworld. The tradition of Santa leaving coal for naughty children is different from Krampus’ work. Some Germans even celebrate Krampus on December 5th by going a boot outside their bedroom door, hoping they’ll find either a reward for being good. Or oppositely finding a rod, signifying that they’ve been wrong.

The concept of Santa may be creepy: An old man shivers down your chimney once a year, keeps track of what you’ve done, leaves gifts for you, and even urges you to sit on his lap at the mall! Yet again, it would not be Christmas without the original traditions. So remember to “be good for goodness sake” because he’s always watching.