Finals Schedule Flop


Hey vikes! Now that we have been back to school for a while we can all sit down and reflect on events that have happened to us over the fall semester. 

One thing that had changed that rocked all of our boats was the fact that our finals schedule looked a lot different. This year’s new finals semester is now almost full days, compared to last year’s half days. 

Both finals from the two school years are stretched out over 3 days, the only change is that now the new finals schedule has CLP in the first two days, which lands from 11:00 – 12:50 and students would have their 3rd final from 12:55 – 2:20. Where in the old schedule that is the last final of that day and students get to go home at 12:30.

With news of this schedule many students were outraged. 

“Personally I was not a huge fan of the schedule,” said senior Erin Feldkamp. Which aligned with many peoples views on this schedule. 

“We were supposed to have a 90 minute seminar between our last two hours of the day. I do not think this was beneficial for us students because those that want to study for their finals will do so outside of school and those that don’t are not influenced to study during the 90 minute time frame given.

On the teachers side this was harder for them because they lost an afternoon of grading by having to monitor us students. Also with the snow day coming into play it was a lot harder because we had to take 4 finals in one day where if we would have kept the schedule the same like in previous years we would have only been taking 3 a day.”  says Feldkamp. 

As Feldkamp was saying, this schedule showed more harm to the students and staff rather than aiding which was the intent of this. 

Due to weather conditions, we were never able to get to the 3rd and final day of the winter semester finals. A snow day was taken that Thursday, we had to revise and take 4 final on both Tuesday and Wednesday.