World Culture Club’s Piñata Palooza


Tara Spencer

Members of World Culture Club wait for their turn while one of their members swings at the piñata.

The first piñata is tied onto the football goal post and lifted into the air. (Tara Spencer)
World Culture Club members gather to watch the first swing at the piñata. (Tara Spencer)
Students begin to take turns hitting the piñata. (Tara Spencer)
Students trade the pole to take another try at breaking it open. (Tara Spencer)
The piñata is brought up and down to make it more difficult to hit. (Tara Spencer)
Members of the club start to take their final blows at the first piñata. (Tara Spencer)
The piñata finally breaks open and candy flies out for them to collect. (Tara Spencer)
Mrs. Martinez starts to string up the last piñata. (Tara Spencer)
Mrs. Garcia and Mrs. Martinez work together to put up the piñata. (Tara Spencer)
Members are spun around before they are allowed to hit the piñata. (Tara Spencer)
Students are now given three chances before they must pass on the pole. (Tara Spencer)
The members now begin to swing at the final piñata. (Tara Spencer)
The piñata is beginning to break open. (Tara Spencer)
It is eventually broken open, and the members of World Culture Club are allowed to go and gather the candy. (Tara Spencer)