Graduating Early


Here at Seaman High School, there is an opportunity for the senior class to graduate early after first semester concludes. This opportunity has always been around.

If you have completed all of the hours and credits you need in order to graduate, you have this choice and can finish early. This is more for the students who already know what they would like to do after school so they can get a head start.

However, the senior class of 2023 was a little different. This has been the highest number of students to graduate early from Seaman High School.

Graduating early has many pros to it. You are able to get a head start on college or working. Graduating at semester you are able to take courses at a community college before transferring to a 4-year college. You could start working early, and help save up to your college tuition. This is a major benefit so you aren’t fighting student loan debt. This also helps you get the academic challenge you need.

High School really isn’t as hard as college or adult life. This could help challenge you more and give you more motivation.

Then there are also many cons to graduating early. Some students like to be involved or do school events. And leaving early means you could miss out on some last things in High School that you might not be able to ever experience again.

Additionally, graduating early requires a lot of self-discipline. Being more challenged means, you can get overwhelmed easily or even want to give up. You need to have a lot of self-discipline and commitment, with good time-management and organization skills to keep up.

These students will still be able to walk the stage come May even when graduating early. No matter what choice you make in life, there will always be many choices.