Meet Mr. Wehrs


One of the new faces in the history department this year is, Mr. Wehrs.

Wehrs is from Auburn, Alabama and student taught at Liberty High School in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  He has a B.A. in history from Ursinus College and M.ED. in Social Studies and Education from Lehigh University. 

This will be Wehrs’ first year teaching. He decided to come to Seaman because of the opportunity to teach the Civil War course, and was impressed with the program during the interview process

“I quite liked the people interviewing me.  I was impressed with their questions, and I also felt as if they were genuinely intrigued by my answers,” Wehrs said. 

Wehrs has always loved history and he enjoys telling others about the newest historical thing. He was even the first-ever National finalist from the state of Alabama for the National History Day competition where he created an individual performance on the impeachment of Andrew Johnson.  He also played Edmund Ross, Bill Clinton, Thaddeus Stevens, and Benjamin Butler. 

While Wehrs has not been able to explore Topeka yet, he is looking forward to checking out the performing arts centers and movie theatres.   Along with this, he has hidden talent; he loves to cook!  (Below are pictured some things he has cooked).

Wehrs is looking forward to this year and helping kids learn to love history.  

“I now have to pinch myself that I am being paid to do what I love so much!  So far, it has not felt like a job at all!”