Light Mode vs. Dark Mode

Dark mode has become quite a popular feature on everyone’s phones, especially in popular apps such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. Dark Mode is a feature that you can turn on and it will have light-colored texts, icons, and backgrounds.  This has become very popular considering how much time people spend on their devices a day. 

An average American will spend a little over seven hours a day on their phone. The blue light on our phones will eventually hurt our eyes causing people to have headaches.  When dark mode is turned on on people’s devices, the effects of blue light will not be as harsh as if the light mode was one; however, people will still have blue light effects.  Around 91 percent of people have dark mode on their devices. 

However dark mode does have some advantages, such as producing less light which helps save battery. However, the light mode has come back as being better for getting work done, since there is more overall light, the pupil will contract more which will create a greater field depth and it gives a better ability to focus. Also, the light mode will not make you more tired than having the dark mode on. 

People do hope that designers continue creating things in the dark mode so that way those that would like to switch have the option too. People who have visual impairments may do better on dark mode than light mode. Also, some people would like websites that have lots of text also to offer dark mode, as it may be easier for the audience to read due to the amount of light being released.