Icy Ideas Melted


As shown in the Icy Ideas article in the last print issue, the student body has certain feelings about the Random Drug Testing policy. The student body has shown that they do not believe the policy is as “random” as portrayed. The point of this article is for Bethany and Hannah to debunk this rumor. They went in and watched the entire process in real time. Below are the steps of the process followed by a description. 


  1. Mr. Brown puts all student ID numbers in separate spreadsheets by grade
  2. Email the company in California to choose the numbers from each list
  3. Connect the student’s name to the number returned from the company
  4. Test students
  5. Mail hair back to the company 
  6. Receive reports from the company stating the different drugs tested for and positive or negative
  7. Talk to students and parents


The only time administrators see the names are when they drug test. Otherwise, the administrators involved in the testing and the company in California only see student ID numbers. Your name is truly confidential until it is picked and they call you in to test. Along with this, Mr. Brown personally expressed that he does not take “recommendations” to drug test from teachers or students. This practice is actually illegal and considered targeting. Drug testing is truly random and it is just a coincidence if students get tested multiple times. As hard to believe as this may be for some, we want all students to understand the true process of the policy. From students to students: Random Drug Testing Policy = RANDOM!