2021: As told by photos

As seconds counted down until the dreadful year of 2020 would finally be finished, many crossed their fingers or prayed that 2021 would deliver a happier year full of less masks and COVID-19 mutations, and more normalcy.

At the beginning of second semester, students at SHS weren’t wandering the halls learning their new class schedules or worrying about who they’ll sit next to in class. Instead, students were preparing to take their final tests, due to the late start of the school year in September instead of August. Students were also heading into the most stressful time of the year online, after a decision to move from hybrid style learning to online school. 

Despite the conditions, some traditions rose from the ashes, with the Snowball Queen and King being crowned and winter sports being able to play. However, winter sports either weren’t allowed spectators or had a limited number of them.  

When students returned to the abandoned high school after spring break in March, they were required to wear masks and stay six feet apart. As May whipped around and graduation occurred, the Class of 2021 continued many of their senior traditions that the Class of 2020 couldn’t do the year previously. During graduation the Class of 2021 was praised by administrators and student speakers for their perseverance and determination in the circumstances they were handed. After the ceremony ended, grad caps flew through the air. 

Over the summer optimism sprung up from the depths as COVID-19 numbers suppressed and vaccines become more widespread to all ages. Many students found themselves returning to their annual summer activities, from swimming, to camping, to partying. 

Seaman High School went back to school on August 11, 2021, with the requirement to wear masks becoming optional.

Though some teams ran into incidents were they had to be quarantined, student athletes continued to persist through their respective seasons. At football and basketball games the student section returned, roaring with excitement for their team. 

The annual club fair returned to SHS and clubs were able to return to their regular attendance and events. 

However, as winter approached and COVID-19 numbers surged, along with new variants like the Omicron variant arising, some speculated if required face coverings or hybrid/online style schooling would reinstate itself for the Seaman District.

When December 31, 2021, approached and it came time to count down the seconds again, many still held out hope after a year of semi-normalcy. After two years of the pandemic and cases rising through the winter months, students at SHS could be heard singing at the last home basketball game of the year the words that kept us together throughout the emotional rollercoaster that was 2021. 

They sang, “Seaman High, our fair school, Seaman High we sing to you. Cheering on, loud and strong, coach and fight to victory. Red and blue, colors true, may we fight to keep them bright. We’re waving o’er, forevermore, for our dear old Seaman High.”