Staying active while staying at home

This quarantine has been a set-back for nearly everyone. From going a hundred miles an hour to the complete opposite, people are left with wondering, what is there to do? Contrary to they way it may feel, there are endless activities. During a typical week, many students wish for days to relax, and now with the shelter in place order there are an unknown number which can be a positive.

There are endless possibilities for entertainment through the “quarantine”. Here are eight ideas to keep busy.

Put together a puzzle. Puzzles are very challenging and will consume a ton of time. There are a variety of puzzles at many stores near you. They will exercise your mind and are a fun past time to do with family.

Learn Tik Tok dances. We all know that most students have the fast growing app, Tik Tok. Why not learn some of the hundred challenging dances. Dancing will provide some exercise as well.

Try coloring. Dancing may not be for everyone, so why not bring back a childhood activity. If physically coloring or drawing isn’t your thing, there are apps that relate to coloring. They are amazing because they are easy to access without the stress of getting markers on clothes, bed spreads, etc.

Build a fort. No matter the age, building a fort is always a fun activity to take on. There are resources in all homes to make the ultimate fort. This can get the whole family involved, or if you want to be independent, make one alone.

Start a movie marathon. The shelter in place order provides the time and opportunity to watch all of your favorite television shows, and movies that wouldn’t usually be able to watch. Grab some snacks, and get to watching.

Rearrange the furniture. Seeing the same old surroundings can be boring. Rearrange your room, giving you a fresh new outlook.

Spring Clean.  Along with rearranging your space, comes cleaning you room. Get the spring cleaning done early this year.

Work out. Summer is just around the corner and everyone wants to have that perfect summer body. Get out of this quarantine with a beach bod by doing a little workout each day.

Read. Yes, we all know “nobody reads anymore.” But put the phone down, take out some of your favorite novels, and stick your nose in a book. You would be surprised as to how much you will enjoy it.

Going out will prolong this whole situation we are in, so stay home. Having imagination and a positive attitude will make the quarantine a better successful process. Together by staying inside for the scheduled time we will all come out of this better, and stronger. Stay safe.