Lady Vikings upset undefeated Lady Trojans


Dewayne Christensen

The Lady Vikes run to each other to celebrate after winning the Feb. 15, 2022, game against the Topeka High Trojans 50-42. The Vikings stole the undefeated title from the Trojans, who were 16-0 coming into this game.

“I could see the belief in the girls’ eyes that they were going to win this game,” Varsity girls basketball coach, Matt Tinsley, states as he recalls the Feb. 15, 2022, game against the Topeka High Lady Trojans.

Before the Feb. 15 game the Lady Vikings had a 12-5 record and were gearing up to play the Topeka High Trojans who were undefeated with a 16-0 record. 

“We knew we could beat the Trojans and this was a game to redeem ourselves. We wanted to prove we were a better team,” freshman Anna Becker recalled, referencing the Jan. 7, 2022, game against the Trojans where the Lady Vikes faced an unfortunate 43-48 loss.

Before the girls stepped onto the court, five-year varsity girls basketball coach, Matt Tinsley, asked the girls, “Why not us?” Tinsley explained, “We knew they were undefeated, and we had lost. We felt like we were a lot better, so why not us?”

At the beginning of the game the Vikings got off to a slow start, ending the first quarter 6-13 and ending halftime 19-22. However, coming back from the locker room the Lady Vikes exploded onto the court delivering a spectacular game, racking up 31 points compared to the Trojans 20 points in the second half. 

When reflecting on the game, junior Jaycee Schumann stated that the highlights of the game were the team making free throws and not letting the Trojans score on the Vikings offense. 

The team cooperated well in the game, providing a great defense and flowing offense. Sophomore Taylin Stallbaumer showed some impressive three-pointer shots, while freshman Anna Becker had a good drive pull-up in the fourth quarter. 

By the final quarter the student section was on their feet cheering for their Lady Vikes as they stole the game away. By the final second, the Vikings racked up a score of 50-42 to win the game and take the undefeated title from the Topeka High Trojans.

Brooklyn Gormley said, “[We] went into the game thinking that we were capable of winning and did our best.” After the win Gormley said, “[I was] proud I was a part of the team and that [the win] was with some of my best friends.”

After the victory the Vikings rejoiced, knowing from the beginning that they were committed to winning this game. Junior Carstyn Anderson described the feeling of this win as, ‘ecstatic and relieved’. 

Coach Tinsley felt proud of his girls, expressing, “It was a total team effort. We are stronger together.”

This incredible win proved significant to the Lady Vikes, not only due to the fact that they ended the winning streak of an undefeated team, but also because it showed the growth the team underwent since their first game together on Dec. 3, 2021, against Junction City.

Freshman Ava Esser said, “I think we have changed by putting a lot more energy and effort into everything we do, and our teamwork has gotten a lot better.” 

Brooklyn Gormley agreed citing the team bond as the most important factor. 

“We have just gotten really close this year and bonded as a team and I think that really helps when you are playing together.”

Though the girls only had five losses since their game on Feb. 15, 2022, the team continued improving their teamwork and skills since the beginning. 

Coach Tinsley stated, “We’ve [got] more varsity experience now, and girls are stepping up to the challenge. I like what I am seeing and we are peaking at the right time. We have our roles established and the girls are putting their heart in the game and doing whatever it takes to win.”

The Vikings have developed stronger as a team and hope to continue their success in the future. On Feb. 25, 2022, the Vikings will play their last game of the regular season against Emporia. 

“We have two big games left this week and we can see the finish line to the regular season. We can’t take one for granted this time of year and we have to continue to make our daily commitment to getting better,” Coach Tinsley expressed.

After all the hard work and dedication that the Lady Vikes put into their season, the Lady Vikes stay proud to be a part of the varsity basketball team competing with the girls they love. 

As the final games of their regular season come to a close and the sub-state season inches closer, freshman Anna Becker reminds people to come and support the Lady Vikes throughout their season. 

“Keep supporting us, we love our fans!”