Lady Vikes face difficulties against Mill Valley

Lady Vikes face difficulties against Mill Valley

The Lady Vikes soccer teams recently matched up against Mill Valley to compete in one of the hardest games of their season. In past years, the Vikes have worked hard to keep up with the girls playing in Mill Valley, but always fell short, losing each game with a large differential.

While this is a game our Lady Vikes typically dread, this season the game was approached differently. Instead of accepting their defeat, the Vikes worked hard in order to put Mill Valley to the test rather than handing them a win.

Starting the night off, the JV team was able to hold their ground through halftime, keeping a 1-1 score. This was a great achievement when looking back on past scores. Typically the JV ladies work hard, however lose with 10-0 differentials, causing their game to end early.

The final score for the JV Lady Vikes soccer team was 7-1. Being able to score a goal against Mill Valley and keeping them from another 10-0 win was among a list of goals the team had for the year. Some improvements can be made to make next year’s match even closer, possibly resulting in a Seaman win: however, this is a great step in the right direction and confidence booster for the Lady Vikes as they enter the less demanding part of their season.

While our JV team was able to come together and complete goals they had set for themselves, our varsity team was able to end the game with an even closer score of 0-1. The Vikes were not able to pull out the win, yet they were able to keep Mill Valley from scoring again after the first half. Along with JV, Varsity can use this accomplishment to push them further in their season and into their post-season.

As our Lady Vikes continue to become a stronger team and complete more goals, they continue to accomplish more feats they have worked hard for and deserve. Good luck to our Lady Vikes in the remainder of their season.