Mrs. Schumacher returns to Seaman Schools


Amy Riley

Mrs. Taryn Schumacher (middle) poses with her Culinary Essentials students. In addition to teaching FACS classes, Schumacher coaches the Vikettes.

The start of a new school year brings new faculty to Seaman High School. Mrs. Schumacher is not new to the district, but she is new to Seaman High.

Mrs. Schumacher previously taught at Seaman Middle School. However, after a year off, she chose to come back to teaching at the high school.

“I really enjoyed working at the middle school, and so I knew working with high school kids would be no different.” 

This year, Mrs. Schumacher teaches Culinary Essentials, Leadership, and Intro to Early Childhood. With COVID-19 she has many restrictions and cannot do what she normally would if COVID-19 were not happening.

“I would for sure be cooking in the classroom! I also would be doing way more group work and classroom projects. For Leadership class, I would be planning trips and partnering with others in the community” said Schumacher

Coronavirus is making it difficult to do normal things in the classroom, but Mrs. Schumacher is looking on the positive side. Something she looks forward to is seeing her students. 

“I like hearing about their lives, teaching them basic life skills, and having fun.”

She has many things she likes about teaching but her favorite thing is seeing her students. One difference she has noticed from the transition from the middle school to the highschool is how much taller her students are. 

“High schoolers are way taller. It’s like all of my old students suddenly became adults! I love seeing how much they have changed,” said Schumacher

This will be Mrs. Schumacher’s fourth year of teaching, her first at the high school. She is excited to continue teaching in the Seaman community.

“I love the atmosphere at the high school, as well as the subject courses that I teach. “

Mrs. Schumacher has been involved with the Seaman community even on her year off of teaching. This will be her second year as the Vikettes Dance Team coach.

“Coaching the Vikettes was also a large reason for moving to the high school. I wanted to be a part of the school that I coach at,” explained Schumacher.

Apart from teaching and coaching Vikettes, some of Mrs. Schumacher’s favorite things to do include teaching dance and spending time with her family. Let’s welcome her back with open arms!