Newest update sparks game popularity

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Newest update sparks game popularity

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Screams erupt, excitement is in the air, and the people nearby are dumbfounded about the commotion. All of this can only describe the events that take place while playing the newly popular game that is Fortnite.

This game was released by Epic Games in July of 2017. The start of the game saw mediocre attention and not many people had an interest in it.

This all changed when an update to the game was made by introducing a battle royale mode that was free to play for PC and console games.

Battle royal games are ones that incorporate elements of survival and scavenging. The last man alive is crowned the winner

Fortnite is not the first to do this as games such as H1Z1 and PUBG are battle royale games that have seen massive amounts of success.

While those games are still played and loved by many, Fortnite battle royale brings different aspects such as its colors and building option that have attracted many people.

The game starts out with your character and up to 99 others on a flying bus. This bus is flying over a large map that has all different types of cities and places to land.

Once a location is picked, the player jumps out of the bus and skydives towards the destination.

After landing players can explore houses, buildings, secret underground paths, and more to find helpful resources for survival. Among these resources are weapons, medical equipment, shield potions to give extra health, and materials such as wood to build defense structures.

One might wonder if the map is so massive, how will everyone eventually find each other.

The answer? Throughout the game you can expect a storm to periodically increase in size. This causes damage and creates a shrinking playing field, causing players to fight each other.

The last player standing wins the game. Those who like group work may prefer the mode which allows working with a team of up to three additional players.

This aspect is one of the main contributors to the games popularity. Friends are getting together for hours at time and are working together to win as many games as they can.

Cayden Metzger has enjoyed his time on the game so far, “I love the team aspect as it gives my friends and I something to do when we are bored. I also like destroying newbies on the sticks.”

People are posting their victories on social media and their reactions to crazy games.

The popularity has become an annoyance to some due to the constant Fortnite pictures and videos that are posted every day.

Sydnie Crow has experienced the game on social media and said, “It is annoying to see people post it all the time. I want to tell them nobody cares.”

Fortnite has been an unexpected trend that many people do not understand. That being said wwthe 40 million users that know the game are spreading their knowledge and making this one of the fastest growing games on the market.