Vikes prepare for rival game vs. Hayden


Sami Boyles

Drew Baxter high fives fellow teammates after a free throw. They were facing Hayden with an undeatead record

Basketball season is nearly halfway finished. The teams have battled against Lansing, Manhattan, Highland Park, Shawnee Heights, Topeka West, and lastly Junction City. Headed into break the boys team started off with many close games but currently holds a record of 0-6. The girls on the other hand are strong with a record of 6-0. 

The Lady Vikes have practiced hard which has transferred onto the court. This season there have been a variety of leading scorers each game. The Vikings share the ball very well not only can you see that on the stats sheet but on the court as well. The girls enjoy each others company and playing together. 

Junior Hailey Hershey said, “I enjoy playing with these girls because they are easily my second family. Being together almost every day you would think we would get tired of each other but that never really happens.” 

Having the team so close there are many pros. The Vikings share the ball well not which shows on the stats sheet as well as on the court. 

“Having such a close bond with everyone on the team is amazing because we have so much trust in one another each game!” said senior Maddie Steiner. 

The team is hoping to continue the momentum throughout the rest of the season. 

The Vikings fought hard through adversity this season. There have been many close games such as Lansing (61-63) and Shawnee Heights (44-51), but despite losses in the first half of the season, their efforts have never decreased. Practices have been intense and the Vikes continue to work hard to improve.

 This season there have been many injuries including junior Brady Stuewe who made substantial contributions early on, but is currently out with a broken ankle. Star sophomore Ty Henry is also out with a stress fracture in his shin. The injuries have taken a toll on the team, but they continue to fight. 

The boys and the girls have a big rival game having to play Hayden this Friday.