Vikettes and cheer compete at state


Jackson Phillis

Seniors Avary Polter and Kendal Broughton smile while competing at state. The Vikettes performed on November 19, 2021, at the Stormont Vail Event Center.

This past week the dance and cheer team each brought three routines to the mat at the Stormont Vail Event Center. The dance team performed on Friday, November 19,  and cheer performed on Saturday, November 20.

The dance team performed three routines on Friday which included a fight song, band dance, and the performance routine. 

“Personally, I thought that I performed very well. I was very confident going out on the floor and knew that I had to be very sharp and clean with all of my movements. I worked really hard to memorize the dance and make sure it was perfect and I am very glad I did because it made it a lot easier when I had to go out there and perform,” senior Avary Polter stated.

This team spent about a month working and preparing for this performance. The team did not think they would have enough girls to perform. 

Senior Kendal Broughton said, “I’m proud of the hard work and dedication the girls have had to the team and the four-day a week six a.m. morning practices.” 

They competed against teams that had been preparing for two to three months and they were able to work hard at every practice they had as well as work on it outside of practice at home. 

“The team did really well as a whole, considering that we only had a month to prepare for this I am proud of how to team stepped up to the challenge,” Polter said.

Polter is very proud that they were able to put something clean together and expressed that they have always been able to work hard and step up to a challenge. She feels lucky to be part of a team like this. Broughton is very excited to get started for basketball season and is very proud of the girl’s work. The dance team made it to the finals and placed fifth in the 4A/5A division! 

The cheer team performed three routines on Saturday which included a crowd-leading cheer, band dance, and fight song. 

Junior Lexi Koch said, “I feel like we performed the best to our ability and I know we performed great and every single person on our team went out there and gave it their one hundred fifty percent and left it all on the mat.”

Senior Kiera Leighton says, “I am most proud of how hard everyone worked and how they all stuck through the season we had. We had a pretty young team and we are smaller than normal but everyone still worked super hard and gave it their best effort and I couldn’t have asked for anything more from them.” 

The head coach of the cheerleading team, Jessi Sands, said the team performed pretty well but there were some arm motions that were slightly out of place as well as a lack of facial expressions at points. She is most proud of the team coming together and performing for each other rather than themselves. Many injuries, illnesses, and unforeseeable circumstances were faced but each team member was willing to be flexible.

Koch stated, “The team performed great; however, I wish it was shown on the scorecards. I am most proud of how well our team did and the effort they have shown throughout the whole competition season. We spent on average three days a week for around an hour practice.”

Sands concluded, “Cheerleading is scored on a very subjective basis. I told my team afterward that not making it into finals does not make us a bad team or them bad cheerleaders. It means that we just did not have what the judges were looking for in a routine this year.”