You Snow the Drill


Christmas is around the corner and you know what that means? Bells, lights, and cheer everywhere you go. Even the streets are dressed in a holiday style! But even though this year will look different, it’s not going to stop us from rocking the night away and filling our hearts with Christmas cheer.  

People are beginning to get into the holiday cheer but 15.2% of the Seaman High student population got in the spirit November 1, by decorating for Christmas. I will admit, I too was a part of the people that started decorating November 1 because I wanted to find the good in the situation that we are all in. Most of the students ended up decorating the day after Thanksgiving, though. Other students don’t want to be rocking around the Christmas tree until December 24! They think that it is too early to start celebrating for Christmas.

So now that we know when most student’s decorate for Christmas, when is it too early to celebrate Christmas?

According to a survey conducted by the Clipper, a majority of the students surveyed start celebrating Christmas right after Thanksgiving. But 8%  said that you can start celebrating even before Halloween! By contrast, 1% of the students think that it is too early to celebrate Christmas even on Christmas Day! They really must not like Christmas then. 

Christmas music brings the Christmas spirit and words of good cheer right out of you. It even makes you realize how much you love Christmas! So when will students start listening to Christmas music? A greater number of students will start to listen to it December 1st, while 12.3% of the students listen to it before Halloween and 2.8% start listening to Christmas music on Christmas Day. 

Through the years, families have gathered together to celebrate the holidays and 23.6% of students surveyed reported that their  favorite thing to do around the holidays is see their family, although they may not be able to see some of their family this year because of Covid-19. Some family traditions that students usually take part in  are getting matching Christmas pajamas, watching movies, baking cookies, and looking at Christmas lights. More students however, like to laugh until the sound of it fills the air with their friends. 

So whether you like to celebrate Christmas early or not, have family over, or spend time with your friends, just fill your hearts with Christmas cheer because it is the most wonderful time of the year! Merry Christmas!