Students learning to focus from home


Bethany Druse

Sophomore Henry Galbraith works on class work during CLP.

The staff at Seaman has had to make extremely tough decisions last spring from cancelling prom, to not hosting spring activities, to postponing graduation, and many more. Let’s just say that the summer wasn’t very easy for staff either as they tried to figure out what the best strategy for the upcoming school year would look like.

In the spring, students experienced what it was like to learn from home. But this school year students are learning from home three days a week and in school for two days a week. This style of learning is called Hybrid learning which means blended learning that combines online lessons with traditional in-class lessons. 

Some students, like sophomore Carly Bond, don’t mind doing school this way. 

“I think it is okay. I don’t like it as much as in person, but I understand that it is the best to ensure our safety during this time,” explained Bond.

Senior Megan Allacher agrees with Bond. 

“I like it because it’s nice to get a few days at home and go at my own pace,” said Allacher. “I’m learning well. It’s just harder now because I have college classes. I find it harder to focus because it’s easier to do what I want.”

However, others would rather go to school.

“I would much rather go to school all five days, but it is an improvement than what we did last spring,” said junior Jackson Stuewe. 

With kids staying at home for three days a week, being focused towards the end of the day is a challenge for some students. 

Sophomore Henry Galbraith said, “I focus pretty well, it can be hard though to stare at a screen for a lot of the day.” 

Other students feel they are focusing just fine with Zoom calls or Google Meets. 

“I feel that I am doing pretty well, a lot better than last year. Focusing is a lot easier because we have Google Meet calls to make sure we are staying on task and doing what is needed,” said Bond. 

Online learning can be a challenge for some people but with the right staff and students, anything is possible.