New furniture completes counseling cove renovations


Amy Riley

Counselor Steve Alexanders office is complete after the final furniture installation.

The Seaman High School Counseling department has undergone many updates within the last six months. 

Starting at the end of the 2018-2019 school year, the counselor department at SHS embarked on their office remodel. Finishing just in time for the 2019-2020 year to start, the “Counselor Cove” has a whole new look. Now there is a more clearly dedicated hallway to the counseling, JAG and Internship offices. There are also windows that allow the hallway to feel inviting for students to come in, but also seek the advice they are needing. 

However, since the 2019-2020 school year began, the insides of the counselor cove offices have been empty and dull. Almost every faculty member still had boxes full of their belongings inside their offices, along with a tiny student desk and a couple of old chairs for any students to sit on. 

The staff was patiently waiting for new furniture to spice up their new spaces.

 Counselor Steve Alexander says, “Why would you build a new area and put old furniture back in it?” 

New to the Seaman staff, social worker Alyssa Schultz says that since August she’s been waiting for the day the new furniture would come, discussing it every single day with other staff members. The new furniture was finally delivered the week of October 7th.

Being new to the Seaman counseling department, Schultz stated although she didn’t get to personally request any special furniture, she is still happy she is here to get it and is happy with all the furniture that she received. 

One of the most exciting pieces that both Alexander and Schultz received for their offices are sit-to-stand desks.

 Alexander says “I like it all of course, but my favorite is my stand up desk. It can be a desk while sitting and convert the height if you were standing.” 

Schultz comments that she feels lucky to get a high rise desk. 

“I didn’t pick to get it but I got lucky because now I can stand or sit which is great!” 

With the new furnishings in the counselor cove and offices, staff now have spaces they can “officially” decorate and file things away, knowing the layout will stay the same for a long time. Alexander says finally having the furniture in will make a comfortable space for the students.

“It makes things look nicer, it wont change what I do everyday but will make it easier to work and get stuff done.” 

 As for Schultz, she is happy with the extra space and the welcoming atmosphere in her newly decorated office.

All the counselors and students are very happy to say that the renovations are over and they can truly settle into their new offices.