Prom: Worth the hype?

Last Saturday was prom and many students are wondering if it was worth going to or not. Speaking as a person who skipped my junior prom and attended my senior prom, I have some interesting input to say about both sides.

My junior year I made the decision not to go to prom based on the fact that I did not have a date. I was talking to a guy from a different school and he offered to take me to prom; however, he couldn’t because his prom was on the same night and he had a date before we even met. Since I was only interested in him, I decided that not going was more appealing than going with just friends. I didn’t want to feel like I had to get all dressed up and spend a hundred dollars for prom when I was just going to be moping all night.

I’ve gone to dances with just my girls, and I’ve gone to dances with a guy friend as my date. Nothing is wrong with doing either of those; I just didn’t feel the need to glam up for a dance that you’re expected to have a date for. So instead of going to prom,  I took the ACT, went to my nephew’s birthday party, went out to dinner with my family, and fell asleep on the living room floor, in front of the heater, before eight o’clock, which was when the dance started. The disadvantage of not going to prom was that I didn’t get to see the beautiful decorations, hang out with my friends, be in any of the stunning photographs, or say I went. I hate to say this, but I got judged for not going to prom based on the fact that I didn’t have a date. The fact I got judged for that is actually quite amusing considering every single girl that didn’t have a date the two weeks before prom was practically scavenging for a guy to ask. The guys weren’t any better, and some of them ended up not even matching their date because they got together last minute. Thankfully, I didn’t have to spend the money or deal with the typical drama that goes with any high school dance.

Now, fast forward to senior year. After spring break I asked one of my best guy friends to prom. We’ve been friends since freshman year and I knew that he would take my feelings into account when it came to final decisions. Our group consisted of eight people, then broke up, and ended up getting back together while combining with another group. We went on a party bus that was nothing like we expected, went to a restaurant that wasn’t in the original plan, and then ended up spending more time taking pictures at prom than dancing. Tip: if you enjoy dancing at dances then don’t wear a dress that restricts your movements. In my mermaid style dress, my legs were restricted and couldn’t do anything besides walk. The decor was beautiful and my friends and I took a souvenir to remember our senior prom by. On the way to my date’s car, I fell, tore the tulle on the inside of my dress, and couldn’t wait to change out of it along with my heels. We sang along to songs on the way to my friend’s house, changed, went to McDonald’s, and then headed to Afterglow. Afterglow was pretty nonchalant, everyone was exhausted out of their minds, and most of us just wanted to go home after we did the more inactive activities such as throwing a baseball at a row of plates.

Overall, I am glad I skipped my junior prom and went to my senior one. It would’ve been pointless to go my junior year when I didn’t really have anyone go with. I feel awful for saying that, but the stereotypical ideas of prom make most girls feel that way. However, I’m glad I went this year, and I’m glad I went with one of my best guy friends as my date. Sure, if I had a boyfriend it would’ve been cuter  and more romantic, but at least I can say I went to prom, had the experience, and now I feel like I crossed the right of passage before graduation. It might have not been the best night of my life, but I do not regret going by any means. I have to thank my friends and my date for that.