Annual Kiss the Pig contest brings awareness, money to SCARS

On February 22, Seaman FFA wrapped up their FFA week with an event they call Kiss the Pig. Fourteen teachers were pitted against each other with each trying to raise more money than their opposing teacher. In each pair, the teacher to raise the least amount of money had to kiss the pig.

Odin, a micro mini with the twitter handle @rollinwithodin, was the selected pig this year for kiss the pig. Odin had to kiss the seven losing teachers. Odin went through the first six kisses very easily; however, when he reached the last teacher, Mr. Hoffmans, Odin got very anxious and struggled to get free.

“The pig just totally freaked out. Apparently he’d had enough…or was it a she?” said Mr. Hoffmans

All fourteen teachers raised a total of $750 for the organization SCARS. SCARS (Second Chance Animal Rescue Society) will help dogs and other animals after abuse to find loving home.

“I think it means a lot to us to donate this money to SCARS because Maureen is a single lady running a rescue with over 70 dogs and it means a lot to us to just be able to go out, give her money, spend time with the dogs. It’s fun to be able to see where all the money goes,” said FFA President, Emily Blevins.