Spiderman Movie Review


On December 17, 2021, the new extension to the Spiderman series, Spiderman: No Way Home, released and hit the world by storm.

Junior Natalie Shehi-Ohmes said that she would rate this movie a 10/10.  Her favorite part was, “Definitely when all three Spiderman were conversing atop the Statue of Liberty before the fight scene.” 

Shehi-Ohmes exclaimed that she likes the most recent Spiderman movies starring Tom Holland and has not seen previous versions of this movie yet. Her favorite Spiderman character is Tom Holland while her favorite character in general is Peter Parker because he is the protagonist and MJ because she is more of the realistic opposite.  

Junior Renee Stephens exclaimed that she would also rate this movie a 10/10. The best part for her was, “When all of the Spiderman’s teamed up because it was cool to see how different and similar they are.”

She does not have a favorite spiderman actor however he favorite character overall is MJ.  

Junior Carly Bond said she would rate this movie a 10/10. Bond stated her, “Favorite part of the movie is when Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker caught MJ because in The Amazing Spiderman 2, he did not catch Gwen Stacy and she died so this was a full-circle moment for his character.” 

Bond exclaimed that this was her favorite Spiderman movie and that her favorite Spiderman is Andrew Garfield. She states, “I loved William Dafoe’s portrayal of the Green Goblin in this movie.  His acting was spectacular and I loved watching him portray the character twenty years later.”

Freshman teacher Mr. Tuck said he would rate this movie a 10/10. Tuck’s favorite part of the movie was, “I like how the Marvel movies are starting to connect all Marvel movie properties that were owned by 21st Century Fox.  Such as bringing in Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman. Hoping for an eventful Fantastic Four or X-men appearance.” 

He expressed that this is his favorite movie and that Toby Maguire is his favorite Spiderman character. 

“He was bold enough to take on a superhero role way before the MCU and I think without this movie and the first X-men movie we would not have the MCU.”

Mrs. Stacey Noble expressed that she thought this was an excellent movie! Noble’s favorite part of the movie, “Was having the collision of all the Spiderman worlds.  It was great seeing them interact with one another.” 

She thought that was a great way to pull the plot together.  So far this has been her favorite part of Spiderman and her favorite Spiderman character is Tom Holland. 

Many students and staff at SHS decided to see the new Spiderman movie, and the majority of reactions have been a fascination with the newfound collision of the entire Marvel universe.