Club Highlight: Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)


Alyssa Boos

FCA, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes club, prays in front of the Seaman High School’s American flag. Every year the highlight of FCA is the annual Flag Pole Pray, and after COVID-19 restrictions last year halting the club’s activities, this year FCA added on the Prayer Locker and listen to gospel music in the mornings every month.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes, also known as FCA, is a club at Seaman High School that also happens to be a national group. FCA, sponsored by Kelly Eisenbarth, a teacher at SHS, is not just for athletes, anyone of any denomination can join!

If you happened to see the prayer locker a few years back, that was one of the ‘events’ FCA sponsored. With COVID-19 playing a role in restricting club meetings last year, FCA had a slower start this year with their events. However, this year, FCA was able to hold their annual See You At the Pole!

“Our only major event is SYATP – See You at The Pole. This happens globally at the end of September. It is an opportunity for believers to come together at the school flag pole and pray for their school, classmates, city, country, or whatever is on their hearts,” says Eisenbarth. 

With all the temptations surrounding teenagers in high school, it can be hard to be a Christian teenger these days. FCA can play a good role in Christian teenagers’ lives, keeping them from that temptation.

“It is difficult to walk the Christian life as a teenager. This [joining FCA] is an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. It gives you a ‘person’ that has your back when you want to say no to the latest craze because it is wrong. It also helps you stay accountable in your Christian faith – a  public declaration makes you want to do better, to be a good example, to be Salt & Light,” says Eisenbarth. 

If you are interested in joining the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, go to the choir room at 7:20 on Friday mornings before school starts, or go to room E10 to talk to Mrs. Eisenbarth!