Haunted Trail Recap


Vivien William shows off her impressive makeup look for the camera during the Haunted Trail. The Haunted Trail took place on October 22, 2021, at 4 pm for the kids trail and 7 pm for the adults trail.

Seaman students demonstrate how to play the Pumpkin Bowling Game to children. For the kids trail, FFA members helped children play games.
Seniors and FFA members, Ebb Nelson and Ryan Anspaugh, rest while waiting for the adult trail to begin.
A child who showed up to the Haunted Trail is being taught to play Poison by FFA members.
Senior and FFA Vice President Anna Magill helps a little girl wrap up a dog like a mummy.
Senior and FFA member Jenna Keil plays Poke the Pumpkin with a little girl.
Seaman FFA members wait for kids to come play Wrap the Dog like a Mummy.
Seniors AJ Brooks and Arthur Jackson prepare to scare people as they walk through the Haunted Trail.
Senior Hailee Gower acts as the Queen during the Haunted Trail. Gower states, “I loved playing the Evil Queen. It was a really fun experience. Overall, I thought the Haunted Trail was successful.”
Brandon Sutton and Vivien Williams prepare to scare people.
Layni Hernandez waits silently for people to pass by. Hernandez was waiting to jump out and scare people.
Senior Lexi Lupton, who played Rapunzel, hangs herself with her own long blonde hair.
Snow White, played by JoyAnne Boutz, takes a bite of her apple after waking up from the dead.