XC Runner, Bethany Druse, breaks own record


Alyssa Boos

Bethany Druse poses next to a picture of the record she broke this year. Druse’s name is posted three times in the SHS Cross Country Hall of Fame.

Last year [2020], junior Bethany Druse broke a record of 19.15 at the Kanza course, replacing it with the new record of 19.07. This year on October 9, 2021, she broke the record she made last year with an astonishing 18.48 at the same Kanza course.

According to girls cross country coach, Rick Brading, they were all excited to see Druse break her own record. 

“We were all excited but not surprised. We expected it and were happy. And there’s a very good chance she’ll break the record again this Saturday,” Brading stated. 

She started running cross country her freshman year, “I feel that it’s a different sport and I feel like I excel at it, so I do it.”

This year the girls cross country team has been performing well and their goal is to come back from State with a trophy. 

“This is the best team I’ve been on so far. We have a lot of people going under 20 this year, which is a really big goal to get, and I hope that that continues,” Druse said.

In order to stay in shape for the five mile runs, at practice cross country runners do long, easy runs which are important so that they can rest their bodies but still stay in shape for their Saturday meets. 

Another training exercise they do are repeats. 

Repeats, Druse explains, are, “So we would do 400 meter repeats, where we run 400 meters around eight times at practice or run 600 meter repeats and do six of those. Repeats are probably the best workout to getting to run faster, and we just keep doing them over and over. “

Runners dedicate a  substantial amount of time and effort into practicing and keeping themselves healthy. 

Druse’s advice to interested athletes is, ‘Never give up, it’s going to seem hard but it will pay off.’

Brading states, “She is dedicated. Just when you think she might be out matched, she is not. And she loves running, which is even better!”

With a giant smile on her face, Druse said, “I enjoy [cross country]. I have a great time with my teammates, and it’s just a lot of fun.”