Noonan Welcomed to SHS From SMS

There are many new staff members at the high school, one of them being Kenton Noonan. 

Noonan is a special education teacher who previously worked at Seaman Middle School in the same position. Additionally, he taught other classes including science, social studies, and a class that worked on social and emotional skills. 

He has enjoyed his time at the high school especially since he gets to work with students for four years compared to two years at the middle school.

“I still coach four sports at the middle school, so I now get to work with some students for up to 6 years depending on the sports they play,” Noonan said.

Noonan has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Kansas State University, a Teaching License from Washburn University, and a Master’s Degree in Special Education from Emporia State University. 

He has lived in a lot of different places including Illinois, where he was born, Holton, Eudora, Shawnee, Salina, Manhattan, and Topeka. 

“My dad was a store manager at Wal-mart while I was growing up so I moved a lot.” 

Noonan’s favorite pro teams to watch on T.V. are the Tennessee Titans, the Kansas City Chiefs, the St. Louis Blues, and the Kansas City Royals. His favorite NBA team was the SuperSonics but since they left Seattle he hasn’t found another favorite team. College-wise, he likes to watch Kansas State and Illinois. 

With coaching four sports, his wife coaching volleyball, two young boys and having a mini golden-doodle puppy, Noonan is very busy. When he does have time, his family and him like to go to the zoo, watch movies, or go to a Viking sporting event. He also plays a variety of sports including volleyball, softball, and basketball through the Parks and Rec adult leagues.  

Noonan is excited to be a Viking at the high school so make sure to give him a warm welcome.