Blackman juggles role as returning math teacher


Austin Herrick

Mr. Blackman helps a student work through a math problem. Blackman relaxes into his role as returning math instructor.

Teachers come and teachers go, but if a school is lucky, some teachers come back. Mr. David Blackman is one such case. 

After having taught here for nine years and being an IT specialist for 12 years, Mr. Blackman retired to undertake a new career in the real estate business. Unfortunately these dreams were dashed as Covid-19 took the nation by storm, collapsing the housing market. Two years after retiring, Mr.Blackman decided to come back to Seaman High School to recover from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic after being persuaded by his former coworkers.

Mr. Blackman was born in Hutchinsonmoved to Topeka when he was first grade, and considers himself a proud Topekan.  “I lived here for most of my life; It’s home.” 

Talking about Mr.Blackman’s  history here can be exciting, but not as exciting as learning some fun facts about him. 

One of the first things newcomers are asked when they come to Seaman High is “what is your favorite Sonic Drink?” Well Mr. Blackman had an interesting answer; he is not really a fan of Sonic. But, when asked about his favorite drink, he chose iced tea. Mr.Blackman may spend most of his time on campus helping students, but in his free time he is a very avid golfer. He also has a hidden talent–juggling. “I can only juggle four items, so far.” 

Of course since Blackman has taught here for so many years he had to think very hard about his favorite aspect of the  Seaman School District. In the end he chose the community of teachers we have here. 

The SHS community is happy that Mr.Blackman has decided to return for the foreseeable future.