Going back to her roots

One of the new staff additions this year is Miss Jenna Erickson who is returning to her roots and becoming a Viking again! 

Miss Erickson is the new art teacher in room 902. She also is a Viking alumni from the class of 2016. After graduating at SHS she attended Washburn University and obtained her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts. 

“I came to SHS for quite a few reasons. The main reason I chose to be here is that I used to go to school here and Mrs. Ramberg is the reason I chose to become an art teacher,” Erickson said. 

As an art teacher and artist, Erickson’s favorite type of art to create are charcoal drawings and three dimensional art. 

“I like charcoal because of how it blends and I enjoy three dimensional art because I am not limited to a two dimensional space and I can think about how materials interact with each other,” Erickson said. 

Miss Erickson’s favorite artist is actually a friend of hers, Kyra Miller, who is a local contemporary artist. 

“She makes incredible artwork that explores human nature through metaphors with animals.” 

Now, students all know a sonic drink is a very important choice. Erickson’s favorite sonic drink is a frozen lemonade. Another fun fact about Erickson is that she has never broken a bone before.

“Although I have come close a ridiculous number of times,” Erickson exclaimed. 

Before coming back to SHS Miss Erickson taught at Holton Elementary with grades K-5. She is excited to start something new at the high school level. 

Erickson said, “I am also happy to be able to work with older students where we can talk in depth about art and I can see the amazing talent of each student.”