Welcoming New Principal, Dr.Lyons, to SHS


Alyssa Boos

Dr.Lyons smiles for a picture as the new head principal of SHS.

After the departure of seven-year principal Mike Monaghan, students look to the leadership of new principal Dr. Laura Lyons. 

Dr.Lyons was born in Sioux, South Dakota, and moved around to states like Texas and North Dakota, to later start her teaching career in Moorhead, Minnesota. 

“I have lived in Topeka since 2004, and I worked for Topeka Public Schools for all that time. My last position was at Topeka High School,” Dr.Lyons stated. 

At T-High, Dr.Lyons was an assistant principal, and she moved to the Seaman district because of the intense commitment to post-secondary opportunities, such as the career learning pathways. 

“I was excited to work with the students and support the staff. I knew the commitment to post-secondary opportunities that have been part of this school for a long time, and I was enthusiastic about being in an environment that values those opportunities.”

When asked about what she wants to bring to Seaman from T-High, Dr.Lyons explained, “The deep appreciation and respect for our diversity and how those differences make us a strong team.”

The new principal has an optimistic approach and vows to see the students’ success. As she has been interacting with students, she has developed a strong foundation of respect already. 

Dr.Lyons stated, “I will support students in reaching those expectations. No one is perfect on their first day of anything. No one should be defined by a single mistake, particularly as a young person. Even though in some extreme circumstances that happens, I hope to help every Viking reach their potential learning from our mistakes and challenges along the way. I am completely confident that we can accomplish this growth together…”

It seems that Dr.Lyons will be an excellent new member to SHS staff and has already begun plans for the success of SHS students. 

“I have already had many joyful experiences with our students and staff. I’m hoping to finish my career as an SHS Viking, creating many, many happy memories along the way.”


Dr.Lyons is an Aries, and has three dogs, two Australian shepherds named Heathcliff and Henley and one German Shorthaired Pointer named Hester. Her dog’s names come from classic books like Wuthering Heights and the Scarlett Letter. Over the summer she likes to spend time in Phoenix, Arizona with her brother and his family, and in her free time she enjoys going to NOTO First Fridays and baking cookies. Her go-to Sonic drink is a simple diet Dr.Pepper, but when she’s feeling indulgent, a small strawberry milkshake will suffice.