Calling out couples

The Clipper quizzes SHS couples about each other.



Who was the first to fart in front of the other?

Bradyn – “That’s just never going to happen.”

Bridget – “That just isn’t going to happen.  It hasn’t yet and never will.”

Holden – “Chey, she will tell me every time she does it.”

Cheyenne – “I was the first to fart in front t of Holden, and I will honestly admit to it when I do lol.”


Who was the first to say “I love you” – if you have?

Bradyn – “It was definitely her, she used to trap me into saying it, she wouldn’t let me leave school until I said it.”

Bridget –“ We were friends for a year before we even got together and I used to always say it to him because he would get so uncomfortable and refuse to say it back and I found it funny so it just became something that I said so often and he would occasionally say it back really fast and quiet that it was just normal once we started dating.”

Holden – “I was the first to say I love you, but luckily she felt the same.  Although she was very surprised and went to tell all of her friends.”

Cheyenne – “Holden was the first one to say “I love you” and I remember being so excited and just happy.”


Who is the more disgusting eater?

Kiernan ––“Neither of us eat nasty.”

Bethany – “Kiernan”

Holden – “Chey is the more disgusting eater.  Funny story was we were eating burgers and her dad said, “could you keep everything on the plate?” then she said ”I am” I proceeded to look at the floor and said, “Chey, there is food all over the floor.”

Cheyenne –“Okay, I am definitely the more disgusting eater.  Holden eats like a bird, while I’ll be stuffing my mouth with food.”


Who is the better driver?

Kyle – “Ohh me for sure”

Samantha – “I am DEFINITELY the better (and smarter) driver.  I’ve never killed my car battery before.”

Bradyn -“This one is not even a contest; she has a tendency to look at me while driving and we’ve almost ended up in a ditch because of it.”

Bridget – “Honestly I’m the better driver because I always make the experience fun.  Like I’ve put us in the wrong lane of traffic a couple of times, and he has to grab the wheel from me or sometimes I just run over a whole curb but you know overall it’s just a really exciting rollercoaster ride that he’s super grateful for.”


Have you ever lied to the other person, if so, what about?

Kiernan –“I lied about plans we made and how my mom said I couldn’t go because she roads but my mom already made plans.”

Bethany –“Yes, about his valentines’ gift.”

Holden – “Yes, I was lying to her about not getting her some Christmas gifts that she wanted, then on Christmas, I surprised her with all of the ones I said I wouldn’t get her.”

Cheyenne –“The only time I “lie” to him is when I joke with him and tell him that he can’t come over to my house.  He usually gets upset, but then I tell him that he actually can come over and it was just a joke.  So, my lies have happy endings.”


Have you ever questioned breaking up?

Kyle – “No”

Samantha – “Nah, we’re like the same person.  Everything just works.”

Kiernan –“Never I love her a lot.”

Bethany –“ Yes”


What habits does the other person have that drive you crazy?

Kyle – “She knows exactly what I’m about to say, when she takes a picture from an up angle looks up at it, and proceeds to stick her tongue out.”

Samantha – “Kyle tends to be always quarantined.  Don’t worry, he finally caught it so no more quarantining.”

Bradyn – “Never picking a song while driving.  In an hour-long trip, we might listen to two and a half songs.”

Bridget –“Whenever he hears music he has to tap to the beat and that doesn’t drive me crazy, but he has this tendency to start just drumming along on my back when I’m sleeping and it scares the living crap out of me. He also likes to blow as hard as he can in my ear and try to blow out my eardrum :)”


If you could change one thing about them what would you change?

Kyle – “Nothing honestly, but if I had to choose one thing probably her height.  I would like to have a kid go into the NBA sometime.” 

Samantha – “Dude’s weak, get bigger bud.”

Bradyn –“ I just really wish I didn’t have to be scared for my life every time I step in her car.”

Bridget –“Give me more attention. He gives me 99.9% of his time and attention, but I really feel like he can be aiming for 100% maybe a good solid 150%.”


If your partner plays a sport do, they secretly suck at it?

Kyle – “Yes volleyball, I really do think I’m better than her from the four times I’ve played in team sports.”

Samantha – “Not a secret, but he sucks at football.”

Bradyn –“ She thinks she’s good at basketball, but it’s been almost a year and she still won’t 1v1 me.”

Bridget –“Bradyn is probably the humblest person ever about anything he does, especially in swim which just automatically makes him good in my eyes. I did give him COVID though so that kind of screwed up the rest of his swim season so that kind of was not good on my part. My bad.”