The Traditions of Christmas


This year’s holidays are looking different compared to other years due to COVID-19.  Traditions and gatherings because sizes are shrinking and cases are rising. 

Teachers and students are modifying how they usually spend their Christmas break.

Mr. Stueve said that his favorite part about Christmas is “spending time with family.” 

Stueve also said that he enjoys taking his family around the city to look at Christmas lights.  His favorite thing to eat around Christmas time is his mom’s German food. 

Stueve specifically enjoys eating “Rouladen, Spaetzle, and Blaukraut” along with drinking hot cocoa.  His family also has the special tradition of watching A Christmas Story on Christmas morning. 

Mrs. Simoneau also enjoys spending extra time with family. 

“During a normal year it’s getting to see my family I don’t get to see that often,” Simoneau said.

Simoneau also enjoys Christmas candies along with “all the snacks we have around the house like this cream cheese crab dip my mom makes and cheese boards,” as well as the drink “Yankee Doodle from Beanheads.” 

“My family loves to go look at lights and just hang out,” said Simoneau. 

The Simoneau family has the tradition of going to mass on Christmas Eve, followed by Kikus for dinner and monkey bread on Christmas morning. 

Elise Schreiner, senior, said that her favorite part about Christmas is sleeping in and spending time with friends.

“My favorite things to do are decorate the Christmas tree and go to the plaza to look at the lights with my friends,” said Schreiner. 

Schreiner enjoys eating mashed potatoes, pie, and Christmas crack along with drinking hot chocolate or Carmel Brûlée Latte. 

The Schreiner family has the tradition of “waking up really early in the morning to open presents and then at night we go to church to celebrate Christmas after with the rest of my family.”

Henry Galbraith, sophomore, said that his favorite thing about Christmas is spending time with his family.

Galbraith enjoys eating cookies, ham, and gingerbread houses along with drinking hot chocolate or a peppermint mocha and said he enjoys ice skating as well. 

“My favorite tradition is always getting together on Christmas Eve,” said Galbraith.

Although this year will look different for many families due to the pandemic this does not stop the celebration of Christmas.