Recap of the boys’ soccer season

Despite COVID-19 conditions, the boys’ soccer team has been strong this season.  Their record is currently 6-5-1 and the Vikings are undefeated in league play.

Gavin Wilhelm, junior, plays center mid and center back on varsity.

Wilhelm said, “We are playing at a high level right now and have a chance to win League next week.”

According to Wilhelm COVID-19 has not really affected them much because “We are outside and on our feet.”

Wilhelm also said his favorite memory was “scoring my first ever goal against De Soto.”

Joey Keil, sophomore, plays center back and agrees that their season is going well and is hoping they make it to state this year. He also said there are not many differences but some players have to wear masks.

Coach Jacob Kirmer said, “The team has grown tremendously as the year has progressed.  We started out a little slower, but have learned more and more throughout the year.”

COVID-19 has required the boys’ soccer team to do additional measures with screening all the players before they start practice and prior to a game.  When the team travels, students must sit one player per seat.

“Our traveling situation has changed a little bit with only being able to have one person per seat.  We take two busses everywhere we go now which spreads us out a little more than we are used to,” said Kirmer.

One part that hasn’t changed is the schedule.

Kirmer said, “We are fortunate that we did not have to change our schedule at all due to COVID-19.”

Kirmer’s favorite memory of this season so far is being able to see how far the players have come from their first few games.

Kirmer said, “They had a little gut check with some tough matches, but seeing the boys keep getting better and not giving up has been a lot of fun to watch. I think our best soccer is still yet to be played this year.”

Recently, the varsity boys have been under a 14-day quarantine.  This has caused them to lose their final four regular-season games of the year.  This has also affected the JV because they had to lose their game with Blue Valley Southwest.  JV will hopefully still get to play Washburn Rural this week and two matches next week.  However, Kirmer said, “Varsity boys will return in time to play regionals and make a run at the state title.”