Bushnell leaves coaching, accepts Athletic Director position

Being involved for the past 30 years in the Seaman USD 345 community, Steve Bushnell has made an impact. In his time here he has been a physical education teacher and a very successful baseball coach at the high school level. He is excited for the new opportunity of taking on the title Athletic Director. 

From a young age he was involved in many sports including baseball, wrestling, cross country, and being a football manager. With the opening of the athletic director position, Bushnell thought it would be a perfect fit. 

“I believe it was an opportunity for me to impact our Seaman athletic program as a whole from both a personal and professional standpoint,” states Bushnell. 

Along with a new job there are countless new challenges he will face under the COVID-19 circumstances. 

Bushnell says, “It’s been challenging but I’m trying to figure it out as we navigate through the unknown like most everyone else is doing on a daily and weekly basis.” 

Although the challenges have just begun, there is still a level of excitement that is unmatched throughout the school and Bushnell is right there with everyone else. 

“This year, I’m most excited about the fact that we’re back in school and have an opportunity to be back in face-to-face classes where we belong and that we’ll have a chance to compete athletically on the fields and courts of play, unlike the heartache that we all suffered through this past March in having so many dreams and aspirations snatched away within the course of one week” shares Bushnell. 

Steve Bushnell is eager to see what the future has in store and excited to face and overcome the obstacles that will arise to make this school year as normal and fun for everyone.