Mrs. Caves joins Viking family

Returning high school students have noticed the absence of teachers who accepted new jobs outside of the Seaman district during the shutdown. In their place are new beaming faces who are ready to take those reins. For the English department, one new addition would be Annie Caves.

Mrs. Caves proudly originates from the Oregon coast and traveled down to Kansas where she found her love of teaching. 

Caves says, “My teachers were really important to me and never let me fail. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do until a couple of years after I was into college.” 

So far, she has taught a total of five years and plans to keep teaching, accepting the position at Seaman.

She decided to take on a job at Seaman for of several reasons. 

Mrs. Caves says, ”The high school that I went to when I lived in Oregon were also the SHS Vikings and so I thought that was really cool. Also when I went in and interviewed, the conversation went really well, the staff was friendly, and the language arts department appeared strong.”

She now is adjusting to the style of Seaman and getting to know the community.

As for getting to know Mrs. Caves’ outside activities, she has some unique taste. She talks of her love of collecting coffee mugs (roughly around 85 so far), reading, and traveling with her husband during the summer. In past years she has traveled to states such as Minnesota, Oregon, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi.

Many are glad to have her as a new teacher and she is very excited as well. 

Mrs. Caves says, “It’s a great day to be a Viking because I am glad to be getting to know the kind and outgoing people of Seaman.”