Homecoming: creating new traditions


Lee Schmidt


Wednesday, September 23rd, from 1 to 2 pm there will be a bus loop drive-through for the candidates. The candidates will be spaced out around the loop and students are able to drive through and show support for each candidate.

On Thursday the 24th at 12:55 pm the Homecoming assembly will be aired on SVTV and afterward, voting will be open.

On Friday, September 25th at 6:30 pm Homecoming ceremonies will begin during pregame in the stadium.


Covid-19 has changed a lot in the high school environment including students wearing masks, having to distance themselves, and cancellation of activities. With students wanting to still get the high school experience everyone deserves, changes are necessary and homecoming is one of them.

Homecoming is a big event for every high school and its students. Students look forward to getting to dress up for spirit week, the dance, the pep assembly, and the football game. Assistant Principal Lee Schmidt explained what things will look like for homecoming at Seaman High in 2020. 

“This year is very different because of the pandemic. But I am going to try and come up with as many fun ideas as possible,” he said. “That still allows students to participate in homecoming, but that’s gonna look a little different because we can’t do a dance or a picnic. That has already been ruled out for us.” 

Coming up with new ideas has been a part of this plan all along because with certain activities such as the dance or bonfire it would be hard to practice social distancing and other procedures in place to keep students safe. 

“One idea was to do a movie instead of a dance. Another idea was to still have a parade but more of a small entrance for the candidates onto the track before the game rather than a whole parade. That still allows them to have a ride around the track and pull up to the student section,” says Schmidt. 

Getting to know our candidates is an important part of electing our homecoming king and queen, and our assembly is a key part of doing that. 

“We talked about doing a digital style assembly. So we would still have an assembly to get to know the candidates. It may just look a tiny bit different,” Schmidt said. 

Many plans have changed for homecoming but it is still a time to show school spirit and unity. Just like many things right now, plans are still up in the air, but Stuco and administration are hoping to have more things set in stone in the upcoming week.