Former Emporia State professor returns to roots at Seaman High School


Amy Riley

Mrs. Kristy Dekat works on lessons in the SVTV studio. Dekat is joining Seaman High as the Broadcast Journalism teacher.

Straight from the classrooms of Emporia State to the studio at Seaman High School, Seaman welcomes a new Broadcast Journalism teacher, Mrs. Kristy Dekat. 

Mrs. Dekat was previously a professor at Emporia State teaching Journalism for four years, but she wanted to pursue something different. 

“I was looking for a change and I saw the ad and so I applied,” said Dekat. 

Mrs. Dekat has had countless years of experience teaching in the Journalism field. 

Dekat stated, “The last four years I’ve been a professor at Emporia State teaching Journalism and then before that, for 15 years, I was a high school journalism adviser.“ 

She has also found it more fun and interactive to work with high school students than college students. 

“I miss high school because in high school, you have a lot more interaction with students than during college,” said Dekat.  “College kids just want to be left alone and do their business and they hardly come see you.”

Dekat said it was an adjustment moving from the college classroom to the high school studio during the pandemic. 

The pandemic has presented challenges such as “…trying to figure out how exactly are things going to work with this crazy schedule that we have,” she stated. 

Mrs. Dekat has high hopes that the Broadcast Journalism program will be just as successful like before.

“Once we get through this semester, it will be better,” said Dekat. 

Overall, Dekat is energized and cannot wait what’s next for the program. 

“I’m excited to be here, I think it will be a fun experience. It’s just going to take some time to work all this stuff out. SVTV, we’ll get to where we were at before, it’s with trying to figure this whole pandemic thing out. It may take us awhile to get there, but we’ll be back” explained Dekat.