Seaman embraces new COVID-19 lunch protocol


Alyssa Boos

Students practice social distancing during first lunch. The entire cafeteria was restructured prior to the beginning of school to accommodate CDC guidelines.

Many may argue that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but at Seaman High School, lunch is the most important, seeing as the staff, ranging from Principal Mike Monaghan, lunch ladies, and even students, have to obey all the new lunch procedures that help prevent the spread of germs.

The biggest difference is the seating, with desks replacing the once large and crowded tables that lined the common room. As Shelly Prengel, freshman Principal stated, “When we we’re talking about lunch protocol, we were only thinking about those big lunch tables, and of course, with those big lunch tables, you could only sit three students at them. We were really concerned about the numbers but Mr.Monaghan thought about using desks since there were a lot of extra desks leftover from making the classrooms’ desks six feet apart from one another.”

Along with the major seating change, the lunch ladies have made changes to the way our lunches are produced. As seen on the first day of school, lunches are now pre-made and have plastic that is easy to throw away.

“Everything is disposable and there are not as many options on the menu as before, but they’re [the lunch ladies]  making sure the options that they do have are able to be served safely,” Mrs.Prengel said. 

Many students haven’t taken a liking to the fact that they have to yell to their friends for them to hear them, but most of the students at SHS understand the situation and acknowledge the positive.

Junior Zach Calvin said, “The lunch lines are definitely spaced out more and there’s less of a crowd. Also, the seniors go outside, allowing more room inside for us juniors, sophomores, and freshmen.”

Freshman Kallie Bell stated, “I wish that we had the bigger tables but I understand why we are at desks and have to be socially distant.”

So, even with the new restrictions put in place, the students and staff at Seaman High School remain optimistic and obedient to the new rules. Students still continue to laugh with their friends at lunch and make the most out of their high school memories, making it apparent that even though this year is not what was expected, students still adjust to the new environment and make the most out of it.