Covid-19: a poem

March 12, 2020, was the day that a new coast to coast reality seemed to begin,

Countless cancellations of the activities that we had all enthusiastically planned.

These jarring orders take form over a nation which has pulsing communities therein,

Which are now subjects to quarantine, waiting out with hope in their homeland.


Many of the future may ask, “what could be the cause of all this upheaval?”,

And to them we will reply, an outbreak of COVID-19, which threatened us as deadly or lethal.

Due to our ignorance, we refused to address the stock-crashing, breath-gasping, corrosive evil,

Our nation along with others paid the price, as it slowly stole the lives of our people.


Some abided to the seclusion, while others were ignoring the orders in haste,

Running to the grocery store or a loved one to secure their own prosperity.

Little might they care, these mere actions could cause someone else to be laced,

With the very germ that brings another to their last breath in its severity.


Yet somehow people can still remain in optimism with good-doers at our side,

health care workers, delivery people, grocery store employees are just a few to name.

Politicians are truly working together to mend a country damaged in its stride,

And people have more time to acknowledge the beauty of life with a new aim.


As students of a high school, we have all seen the good and bad in these past few weeks,

Stripped of the events of our diminishing youth which were promised to take place.

The senior class suffers most, losing the moments of closure which everyone who leaves seeks,

But graduation will still come, showing their right of passage in their endless learning race.


Just as well, Seaman High School sees the end of its 100th-year pass by,

Without students in the hallways to signify the lives which are developing to thrive.

But the community still holds seaman strong shut up in their homes to comply,

Remembering gratefully what memories they have been able to take from dear USD 345.