Continuous Learning Task Force releases guidance for districts

Continuous Learning Task Force releases guidance for districts

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused unforeseen issues including the closure of school buildings across the state. School closures mean students need to change the way they learn.

For Seaman High School, this change won’t be too drastic since students already utilize Schoology for learning online, but now students will have more responsibility for their own academic advancements.

Yesterday, the Kansas Board of Education released how the rest of our school year will proceed. The Continuous Learning Task Force Guidance document can be viewed here:

This document contains guidance for districts as they move to virtual learning. At a press conference this morning, KSDE outlined important information that educators and families need to know.

This is an unprecedented situation for everyone, so things will be changing and adapting as we move forward.

Parents and students, one of the most important things to know is to do the best you can with what we are given.

Small groups (10 or fewer) can meet, but individual districts will be in charge of what this will look like for each district.

This plan suggests how much instructional time each student should receive based on grade level. The number of hours suggested does not need to be continuous hours at a desk, this can include; projects, hands-on-learning, virtual field trips, and more.

Another very important suggestion is for students and parents to find a place where students can remain focused with minimal background noises will be the best for their learning.