Battle to raise money for Thirst Project


Amy Riley

Right Side Down plays for adoring fans. Right Side Down went on to win the 2020 Battle of the Bands.

Battle of the Bands, a Thirst Project fundraiser that took place Thursday, was a hit to those who decided to attend.  The event was planned and designed to bring the best tunes of each band, all the while working for a good purpose. 

The first performance of the night was Untamed Mustangz which consisted of many favorites from our Seaman High School teacher band. T-Shirts were tossed as mustangs ran on the screen behind them, hyping up the fans even more. 

The next group Dragon Slayers were all suited out in black to play their best. Their covers had a unique twist with the screamo-like singing. Even with their successful night, lead singer Austin Lady says that did the singing to contribute to the night of fundraising.

Crybaby Green Beans played classics of the high school generation with songs like “You Belong with Me”, and “Break Even”. Lead Singer Sam Viera says that their main surprise for the audience that night was the green bean costume donned by bass player Kendyl Burks. 

Notoe played covers of popular songs such as Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar as well as an original meant to support a family friend of lead singer Eva Noble who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Many well-placed solos throughout their songs created an interesting performance. 

After that was the final, and first place band of the night, Right Side Down, playing their classic song Truck allowing for audience interaction. They also performed Slow Dancing in the Dark which had a feature from Eric Patterson on the saxophone. 

Overall the night was a success and raised $1,700 for the Thirst Project which is now up to approximately $4,000. The bands did well and brought a different personality to the stage each time. From the fan favorites to the group made songs, the talent was showing through.