Fan of the week brings light to dedicated fans

There are many dedicated Seaman Viking fans, but there are some that go above and beyond. Whether it is leading the “roller coaster” or dancing with the cheerleaders, some Vikings bring extra positive energy to each game. 

Spirit Club wanted to find a way to reward motivated Seaman Viking fans as well as encourage more school spirit, so they created Fan of the Week. When basketball season began, so did this program.

So far, there have been two winners; seniors, Lauren Hren and Braden Garles. Winners have been selected by Seaman administrators who reported eye-catching spirit from Hren and Garles; however, anyone can nominate a student to be Fan of the Week. 

“We are open to nominations from really anybody; students or teachers or even the athletes themselves if they notice someone doing a really good job,” states Spirit Club sponsor, Mrs. Cassie Geis. 

To nominate a student you believe is one of Seaman’s greatest supporters, contact Ms. Geis by email, Schoology message, or Twitter.

Do you want to be the next fan of the week? Here are some tips from Mrs. Geis to show award-winning spirit: “Come to the games, stand during both the girl’s and the boy’s games, be excited, dance and yell with the cheerleaders, and a big one is being a good rule 52 follower.”

Following rule 52 is about using kind and encouraging words because being loud does not show good school spirit unless it is encouraging. 

Geis encourages everyone to go out and support the Vikes and create an energetic and fun environment in our student sections.