Mia Weiler continues her cheerleading career


Provided by Mia Weiler

For many seniors involved with sports, playing at the collegiate level is a future goal. On January 22, 2020, senior Mia Weiler achieved this, signing a letter of intent to cheer at Washburn University. 

Weiler said, “I knew I was going to Washburn to continue my academic career, and since cheer has been such a big part of my life, I knew I wanted to continue cheering into my college career as well.” 

Weiler began cheerleading her freshman year, and has loved it ever since. 

“I was a dancer for a very long time and it was a hobby that grew old. Honestly, cheer seemed really fun and it was a spur of the moment decision. I’ve loved cheering ever since,” Weiler said.

As she approaches the end of her senior year, Weiler has begun reminiscing on the last four years as an SHS cheerleader. 

Weiler said, “I think I am going to miss the family most, especially the seniors. We’ve been together since freshman year and have seen each other grow in our abilities. I have made so many connections through cheer, and I am going to miss that the most.”

To honor Weiler’s accomplishments, her mother and father, Christy and Brad Weiler, cheer coach Mrs. Geis, and SHS art teacher Mrs. Ramberg were asked to speak at Weiler’s signing. 

Christy said, “We are so proud of Mia, not only in her athletics but also in her character. Her dad and I are so excited to see her continue to the collegiate level.”

Weiler is excited to begin her journey at Washburn University in the fall. 

“I’m excited for everything. The team mates, coaches, practices, games, everything. I’m really excited to see how different it is from high school cheer.”