FCA initiates new prayer locker


Amy Riley

Locker 2239 is a new feature installed by FCA this year. Students can submit anonymous prayers to this locker, and FCA members will include those prayers at their weekly meetings on Friday mornings.

This year in the Mathes hallway students may notice something different on locker number 2239. Senior student, Kelcie Lemon started the prayer locker as a way for students to come together and pray. As an active member of FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Lemon took it upon herself to institute the prayer locker. Every Friday before the FCA meeting she goes and gets all the prayers and takes them back to the club to have all members pray anonymously for the prayer cards. 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a Christian club at Seaman High School in which students from any denomination can come together and talk about religion and their beliefs. With math teacher Kelly Eisenbarth as the sponsor, FCA has grown exponentially in members. 

“The club is just a place where we can come together and talk about how Christ is helping us and making us better people and encouraging us to help other people,” sophomore FCA member Olivet Shove stated. 

The prayer locker went unnoticed for quite some time. However, after SVTV featured a story over the prayer locker on October 2nd, almost everyone recognized it. 

“It’s cool because you can just walk by and write down whatever you are thinking and need prayers towards and you will get them,” Junior Jaclyn Roy stated.
On the locker students will see a small container which holds a sheet of paper and a pencil. You can use these to write down your prayers of any type. When you are finished writing you simply slide it through the top slot and FCA will take it from there.
FCA is open to any religion and denomination. They welcome everyone to their meetings. If you are interested in joining or have questions you can contact Kelcie Lemon on Schoology or via email or you can attend their meetings on Fridays starting at 7:20 am in the choir room. FCA asks that you respect the prayer locker and only use it for the proper uses.