Freshmen sign graduation pledge


Alyssa Flower

Freshmen gather to sign the Graduation pledge. By signing this pledge, the Class of 2023 promised to graduate 100 percent of the class.

On Tuesday, October 1, the freshmen class made a commitment to their education. All of the teams–red, white, and blue–gathered together in the auditorium to dedicate the next four years of their lives to ensuring they walk across the stage at graduation. 

Mrs. Shelly Prengel stood on stage and explained not only why the school wants students to graduate, but why students, themselves, should strive to graduate. This included job opportunities and pay increases based on education. 

It was strongly advised that all students graduate high school; however, administration never pushed for students to attend college unless absolutely necessary. Instead, they pushed for students to attend vocational and trade schools or go straight into a job if that was the students’ goal. 

The students all gathered on stage, one team at a time, and signed their commitment to graduate poster displayed on the table. Viking C.R.E.W. members congratulated the freshmen by high fiving, making tunnels, and cheering them on for their commitment to their high school education. 

The C.R.E.W. members had all made this same commitment either three or four years ahead of the freshmen. 

Walking down the hallway, displayed on the walls are the commitment to graduate posters from the senior through freshmen classes now. Each team signed in a different color to differentiate the team they committed on. 

The goal is to graduate at 100 percent in four years.