Simoneau returns to Seaman community and brings new skills to the math department


Seaman High School added many teachers to the 2019-2020 staff. Morgan Simoneau is one of them. Simoneau is a 2009 Seaman graduate, who worked for one year at Seaman Middle School in 2013-2014 after graduating college. For the next five years of her career, she taught in Oklahoma. There she learned that her favorite school lunch, “back when it was the good cinnamon rolls and chili” was, sadly, “only a Kansas thing.”

Simoneau always knew she wanted to come back to the Seaman community and stay here to raise her family. In fact, when she submitted her resignation letter to the Seaman district in 2014, she told Mr. Horton (SMS principal at the time), “Hopefully I can come back one day.” So when the job arose, she jumped at the opportunity to apply. Currently she is teaching Math II A and Math III, mainly sophomores and juniors at SHS. The 2019-2020 school year will be her 7th year of teaching. Simoneau says she knew she wanted to be a math teacher ever since her 8th grade year, “when [she] had Mrs. Scannell at Logan.” 

At SHS Simoneau was a member of the basketball team, Honors Society, and Spirit Club. One piece of advice she could give to her high school self is, “Get involved in everything you [can], don’t be too cool for school.” After high school, Simoneau received her bachelor’s degree in Math from Washburn University, followed by her masters in Curriculum Instruction from Emporia State University. 

In her free time, Simoneau, her husband and their 15 month old daughter try to attend as many Washburn University athletic events as they can. She is also busy “chasing around” her daughter and “4-legged son.” When asked what she is currently watching on TV, Simoneau’s response was honest: “I have a 15 month old, I don’t have time to watch TV.” 

Although she admitted to not having a special talent or collecting anything, Simoneau knew exactly what three things she would take on a deserted island, “A paintbrush because I hate sand between my toes, hate it. I would take my daughter obviously, and my third one would probably take a puzzle to keep myself busy.”

Simoneau is excited to be back in the Seaman community. “It was nice to get that call saying that I could come home”