5th graders explore musical opportunities


Cary Stahly

On April 17, fifth grade students had the opportunity to try different instruments at the Seaman High instrument fair.  The band directors and high school band students assisted the fifth graders with choosing the instrument they were most interested in.

Ian Filby, junior, transferred to Seaman in the middle of eighth grade. At his old school, students signed up for an instrument without trying the instruments first.  Filby believes the instrument fair is beneficial to newer band students.

“It gives [students] an idea of what instrument they want to play and what instruments they might like better rather than others,” said Filby

During the fair,  kids can explore what each instrument is, how to play it, and gain insight into what the band life is like when they reach high school.

Austin Feldkamp, junior,  said, “ I knew I wanted to be on drumline but then I realized I had to audition and we got a piece of music and the top ten made it in. Only knowing top ten make it in draws some closer because of the competition and draws some away because they are afraid they won’t make it.”

The instrument fair benefitted many students, helping to build a solid future for the band program in USD 345.