Bad connection leads to poor learning

Bad connection leads to poor learning

It’s no secret that the Seaman High School WiFi hasn’t been the best lately. With it going out and staying down for long periods of time, the Wifi has frustrated both students and teachers.

After adopting a 1:1 program, Seaman High School transferred to a mainly online curriculum. Many teachers use Schoology to keep in contact with students, assign homework, and give quizzes. But with the recent wifi connectivity issues, teachers haven’t been able to work as quickly.

“It’s hard to do things in class because we rely so heavily on the internet working. All of our textbooks are online because we got rid of the paper copies so, yeah, it can be really hard.” Mr. DiLeonardo, the broadcast teacher, stated

Although the WiFi going out has been stressful and everyone has had many setbacks, students and faculty know the WiFi cannot always be easily fixed and we just have to wait it out. One rumor going around Seaman High School says the bad WiFi is due to a bug in the server. Some students believe it was the state assessments causing stress on the routers. Others say connect to one router and then changing rooms causes the computer to struggle when reconnecting.  These theories have not been confirmed, however.

This internet issue has not been an issue for long. Starting about a month ago, teachers and students have had to find alternate routes of doing their schoolwork.

“It’s stressful because I come up with a lesson plan, then the WiFi doesn’t work, and then I have to come up with something else on the spot, and that can be hard sometimes,” said Mr. Riley who has experienced several severe WiFi incidents.

Luckily, the wifi has recently improved and students are getting their work done again.

Sophomore Lauren Ebberts says, “I can work a lot more now but sometimes it still goes out and that’s really bad when it does.”