Vikettes name new head coach

Vikettes name new head coach

The Seaman High School Vikettes recently named a new head coach for the 2019-2020 school year, after former coach Josie Dease resigned.

Dease resigned from her position of seven years. She told the team that when she took the job, “it wasn’t supposed to be a lifetime thing.” After meeting her husband through the job with the Vikettes and having her first child, she has nothing but thanks for the Seaman district.

Dease also realized that she wanted to become a teacher, after working with the dance team for a period of time. Soon, she was working at Logan Elementary in the Seaman district as a first grade teacher. Within her seven years of coaching the Vikettes, Josie has made a lasting impact on the team and its community.

The team was sad to hear that they were losing such a large part of their team, but Dease reassured them they would be the left in good hands of Taryn Schumaker.

Taryn Schumacher is the FACS teacher at Seaman Middle School. She graduated from Missouri State University where she was on the Sugar Bear Dance Team. With a large background in competitive dancing, Schumacher was hired at the local dance studio, Radiant, to teach. For her second year at Seaman Middle School, she took over Misty Adamson’s position as head dance team coach for the middle school, where she has been coach for the past two seasons. In those two seasons, she taught the girls on the team what it means to be committed to a team and how to be a great team member.

With the open high school dance team position open, Schumacher jumped at the chance to coach them. Getting the job, Schumacher immediately got information out to prospective dancers for the 2019-2020 season. Tryouts for her team were April 10-12. The 2018-2019 Vikette team was made of 16 dancers, four of which are to graduate this May. After the tryouts, the Vikette team increases in size to 20 dancers.

The 2019-2020 Vikette team includes: Seniors: Haley Frazier, Isabel Grimes, Ella Prengel, Leah Steeleman, Juniors: Amy Hurd, Taylor Parsel, Kaya Pyle, Kaycee Tanner,  Samantha Viera, Sophomores: Kendal Broughton, Avary Polter, Lauren Stuewe, Freshmen: Cheigh Cox, Maddison Hahn, Mallory High, Madison Kobuszewski, Ashtyn Parcaro, Emily Shuford, Quinn Staley, Brynn Tenbrink.

The new team is planning to attend an intensive camp from June 9-12. Practice will begin the second week of May to start preparing for the camp. The team members along with Schumacher are beyond excited for the upcoming season and cannot wait to be out on the football field at half-time in the fall.