District band performs to family and friends

District band performs to family and friends

Once a year annually, the district band concert takes place in the high school for friends and family alike to enjoy. It consists of an hour of songs put together by the bands from a variety of grades throughout the district. With a little bit of practice and talent, the band directors come together to create this enjoyable concert for the community to hear.

The gymnasium was filled with many from the community along with beautiful music as each of the bands played the songs that they had worked on. Cary Stahly, the head director of the Seaman high school band, expressed that the concert allows both students, parents and the community to see the progression of the band. It is due to this event that many are able to come together for a night of music.

Each band was able during the night to bring in the focus of their audience from different songs such as the Flash! and Home on the Range.

One of the band members, Eric Patterson, said, “This concert is important because it is able to show all the different bands in the district.”

The concert included quite an age range between each band from 6th grade all the way up to high school.

As for the music, each individual band gave its own unique experience to those who were watching. There were even treats afterward for band and audience members alike to enjoy.

All the practice and playing throughout the school day preceding paid off and later allowed all to see the work of the band.